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What is it?

ADAM (Admissions And Management ) is a student management solution for HESA Alternative Providers. ADAM manages the entire student lifecycle from application to alumni, and is designed to take the pain out of compliance with HESA’s Student Alternative record requirements.

Students apply for places using ADAM and can check and update their personal information at any time.

You and the rest of your staff always see and share students’ up-to-date personal, academic and financial information.

Comply with government guidelines

Record student data

Manage records

Why choose ADAM?

Unlike other, more complicated products originally aimed at universities and large colleges and reworked for alternative providers, ADAM is designed for you. You never need to remember or lookup a HESA code. HESA reports are generated with a single click.

ADAM saves you time, money and frustration by collecting all the latest student information into one system fully meeting the needs of HESA and your staff.

Most other products out there fall in to one of two camps:

1. High cost, sophisticated solutions for large colleges and universities that require you to have an IT department to use them.

2. Less expensive solutions which solve part of what you are looking for, but require other programs to complete the solution. You are required to copy and paste or export/import from one program to another. You spend your time moving data around, and are never quite sure whether everything is up to date.

Read about one of our more recent and highly successful projects.

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