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Cambridge Access Validating Agency (CAVA) is an organisation who validates their client college courses for the the Access to HE Diplomas programme Access courses prepare adults for degree courses. CAVA's role is to ensure colleges are providing the correct course components and assigning graduation certificates. 



The Access to HE Diplomas programme has a set of quality rules determined by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) and there was no system in existence purpose-built for managing this programme. Most validating agencies used spreadsheets or modified further/higher education software to manage this programme, but this was challenging because of the number of college institutions they had to work with making their job laborious and error prone. Input of student and course data from colleges had to be manually entered. Reports for QAA and exports of data to the University and College Admissions Service (UCAS) were needed which had to be done by hand. CAVA needed something purpose-built that would allow them to improve productivity, minimise errors, and automate as much as possible of their work. Without this, their options for growth were very limited. 

CAVA's original system developed in 2009 addressed many of these problems, but was showing its age. It looked ancient, was slow, frequently crashed, and did not meet modern standards of security or user-friendliness. It was not GDPR compliant. When college wanted reports, they had to be manually generated and emailed to them.



Redevelop CAVA's existing system into a modern purpose-built tool that would be faster, more friendly, and give colleges secure, reliable access

Allow college and CAVA to improve productivity, minimise errors, and automate as much as possible of their work. 

Provide a more complete online portal for colleges to register their students, enter student grades, run and store reports.

Be useable on any modern computer or tablet 

Automatically check for grading errors

GDPR compliance



CAVA have been commended on the quality of their IT systems by QAA. No other access validating agency has received this commendation 

All goals have been achieved 

The database is available 24/7 from any location on any device including tablets

Their new system has been running reliably since going live nearly a year ago

Up to 34 colleges access the system at any time and currently have no issues.

GDPR is complied with

Greater productivity


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