FileMaker 17 arrives

FileMaker 17 was launched today. This new version ushers in a lot of new features, but also some significant changes in licensing.

If after reading on, you want to know more, please contact us.

Among the new features are many that makes it easier for first time or less experienced users to create feature-rich applications. Here are some of the highlights:

  • New add-on tables lets you add more information to your existing database in without any “behind the scenes” work
  • More extensive support for iPad and iPhone features:
    • Automatically collect data with the new sensor support feature
    • Notifications even when your app is not running
    • Auto-complete
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Drag and drop
  • Easier administration of FileMaker servers
  • Master-detail layouts allow you to create a combined list and detail view with no programming required
  • Notifications on an iPad or iPhone
  • There is no more FileMaker Pro. Everyone gets a copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced at no extra cost. This means everyone gets the tools of a professional developer
  • All licences include the entire FileMaker product line. You just pay according to the number of seats you need and how long you want the licence to run
  • The FileMaker Data API takes integration to a whole new level. Your other IT systems can exchange data with FileMaker Pro using modern, industry standard methods. You get your data anywhere and any way you like it

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